What are self publishing alternatives to Amazon?

How to Get a Celebrity Interview

Learn how you can request a celebrity interview for your publication. You don’t need special connections, just the right game plan.

Traditional Vs Self-Publishing: The Financial Perspective

Most authors who first decide to write a book have a delusion that their books will make them rich and famous. And when they don’t make money, they can be jealous of authors who do. The argument over traditional vs. self-publishing can then become one of art vs. dollars. In actuality, the argument is really better described as being about having common sense or good business sense. Just because an author wants to make money on his book does not make him less of an artist.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Book

There are many advantages in self publishing a book. One is the control that the author has over his book design. As an author, you certainly want your book to come out the way you’ve always envisioned it to be. However, designing a book cover is not as easy as it seems. Even something as simple as deciding on the book size is really not that simple.

4 Success Tips for Writing a Book and Self-Publishing

I make a living as a professional organizer. You’d think that it would have been a cinch for me to get organized to write my first book. Unfortunately, when it comes to enormous new projects that I’m scared to death to do, I need more than my organizing skills to get me going.

Templates for Book Formatting

Book Formatting is important especially when you are self-publishing. This requires you to do all the work by yourself. With the traditional publishing process, you have editors and publishers who will edit and check your manuscript.

Why Publishing For Kindle Makes Good Sense

Authors have traditionally had headaches trying to get their books published through publishing houses. However, self publishing on Kindle has made life a little easier for them and that’s what this article will discuss.

Proofreading Is Vital to Your Success As a Writer

If you want to become a successful writer there are a number of challenges that you will need to overcome. Not least of these is being able to get your work seen and selected over the thousands of other manuscripts that get submitted to publishers every single day. One easy way to help you achieve this is to ensure you proofread the manuscript, cover letter and synopsis that you send to the publisher.

How to Start Selling Books for Kindle

Did you know that it is free to put an eBook on Amazon to sell to others who can read it on the Kindle reader or on their phone or PC? What is involved in doing this?

How to Make Your Book Signing a Success

You’ve been through all the ups and downs in the process of creating your book – from writing to publishing. Now that you have your hardcovers and paperbacks, it’s time for you to promote them. One of the most exciting ways to promote your book is through a book signing event. You get to talk about your book in front of a live audience. If you’re a shy person, this may be difficult for you to do. But with proper guidance and preparation, you should do quite well.

Keepin’ It Real, How to Self-Publish

As with any thing that gets accomplished in life, there has to first be a Vision, Idea, or Dream, and then a plan, in order to get that Dream from someone’s head or heart to a place of fulfilled reality.Great intentions might be motivating for a short time, good intentions might even produce hopeful thoughts, but there must be a deliberate stage of planning and execution of that plan in order to see your Dream come to life. Define your Dream.

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