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How to Become a Published Writer

Easy and effective ways to become published.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Published Authors – Part I

The common denominator of unpublished authors is procrastination. The reasons aren’t unique; they are ubiquitous. The result is the same: another would-be author with plenty of talent and no book to show for it…

The Dirty Little Secrets of Published Authors – Part II

Procrastination is the common denominator. So how can an author overcome procrastination?…

Now It’s Eight Simple Lessons for Unpublished Writers

Recently updated! Now it’s eight lessons that you haven’t heard before from someone who knows, someone who walks in your shoes (well not literally).

How to Publish Your Book

An article about the best ways to publish your book and concentrating on those who decide to self-publish

Become a Self-Published Web Content Writer

This article is for freelance writers who want to add an income stream. It explains how to self-publish web copy to make money.

5 Tips to Conventional Publishing

So you want to publish your book? Learn how to do it conventionally.

How Should You Publish Your Best Seller? A Case Study

For some of us, being a published author would be the climax of a career. Having a book that you created sold in bookstores worldwide is the dream of a lifetime. Imagine being on a best seller list! While traditionally this route has been the one that many great authors have taken, there are several other options now available that will also lead to your continued (and profitable) success!

Twelve Pros and Cons of Print on Demand Publishing

Some advantages and disadvantages of POD publishing.

What Aspiring Authors Can Learn From the 2005 Publishing Year

‘Tis the season for evaluating the year gone by! Over the next few weeks you’ll see plenty of articles summing up the successes and failures in industries all across the board: television, movies, automobiles, retail. It’s no different for the publishing industry. Already the New York Times has run an article examining publishing’s good, bad and ugly decisions of 2005. There are many tidbits here and there in Publishers Weekly as well. While the overall message can seem daunting for an aspiring author (sales down, even some celebrity books didn’t do well), there are a few choice nuggets you can pluck from the dust and use to energize your publishing process for 2006.

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