UPDATE: How to Add More Amazon Book Categories to Your Book – You Can Add Up to 10!

Vanity Publishers and The Big Lie

The old adage, “Tell a lie often enough and long enough and people will believe it,” is especially true in the world of self-publishing. The big lie, “You retain all rights to your book,” is a daily mantra of vanity publishing representatives. Several other lies trail off from the big lie. As Ron Pramschufer said, “Self-publishing is a financial minefield.”

Get Published! How to Establish Your Credibility As a Publishable Author

As an aspiring self-help book author, you need to prove to agents and publishing houses that you know what you’re talking about. A publishing house will invest thousands of dollars into your book. Your job is to convince them that you and your book idea are worth their time and money. This article will tell you the key information you should use in an author bio so that you successfully establish your credibility with agents and publishing houses.

How to Format a Book

Learn how to format a book and save hundreds when you self-publish your book. Use The Book Design Wizard to simplify book design and book formatting, so that you can easily prepare a manuscript for publication using Microsoft word.

Get Published! How to Write to Your Audience to Sell the Most Books

In order to sell a lot of books, you must know exactly who your readers are, what they want and how to solve their problems. A lot of authors are disappointed after their books are published because they don’t sell well. I’ve been in this situation myself. I’ve written books that sold very well, and others were very disappointing to me. What I share in this article can prevent you from joining the ranks of other disappointed authors.

Practical Strategy To Get Your Book Traditionally Published

If we are going to have a publisher buy our next novel or how to story were are going to have to know exactly how to get an firms attention first. We are going to have to know how to get past all of the competition, and how to meet and make our pitch to the key decision makers. Fret not I actually found a super fantastic strategy that you can use to do all of the above and more..

How To Get Started in Self-Publishing and Niche Marketing

I am writing to teach leaders in specialized areas how to make write, publish and sell books to niche markets. This blog will reflect on and use passages from my upcoming book.

Beginner’s Guide to Create Your Own Ebook For Kindle

Before you move on to learning about how you can sell ebooks for Kindle, you need to start by creating the ebook or content for others to read. This process is not easy but it is manageable.

How to Publish Your Book: Coming Up With a Great Title

In this article, one of a series of articles on self publishing, we discuss the question of how to come up with a great title for your book. This article suggests a number of ways to search for a title, based on what others have done. You may find one of these useful as you search for a great title to your own book.

The Shrinking Market

The publishing industry is languishing in the wake of public apathy. People have no interest in reading and small bookstores have become extinct. The large chain stores may not be far behind because they have become so impersonal. TV and the Internet have taken the place of reading newspapers for the news, and e-books, the equivalent of Cliff Notes, have taken the place of reading full books.

ePublishing Professionally and Profitably

For authors interested in epublishing there are many competitors however many of the free versions have a terrible performance record. I would hope that you realize that you cannot smash a digital product together and still feel that you are able to present your book in a professional way.

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