The Right Number of Words Per Page For Your Book

How Do You Prep and Sell the E-Versions of Your Bound Books?

Once you’ve finished your bound book and it’s off to press, there are four ways to convert that same copy and sell it as an e-book, singly or simultaneously. Here, the author gives the details.

Writing for Profit – Easy Guide to Successful Publishing

Have an idea for a book? Here is how to write your proposal for a publisher.

Magazine Publishing Is Still Hugely Popular!

Though online ezines are popular, there will always be a market for the millions of magazine that are read and sold in the United States every week. They provide information and entertainment of many kinds. Some concentrate upon telling a story largely by means of pictures.

Self-Publishing – How to Get Your Book on Amazon

Now that you have self-published your book, you may be wondering how to get your book on Amazon. Could you sell more copies of your book if it was available to the millions of people who shop at You certainly could! And it is easier than you may think to list your book in the world’s largest book store.

Potential to Make Money As an Author – Part 2: Independent Publishing

Learn the truth regarding the risks and rewards with independently publishing your book. What is independent publishing? It’s the best of both self-publishing and traditional publishing. It’s also the best chance to make money as an author.

Why Many Authors Choose Pseudonyms

Most authors want the whole world to know that they have written a book, and the typical author is thrilled to have his or her name on the cover. However, some authors choose to use pseudonyms when publishing. Why do authors use pen names, instead of their own names, when publishing books?

Benefits and Advantages of Online Content Curation

While searching for information online you browse through a good number of websites as it consumes up good amount of precious time of yours. And in process you read through a huge chunk of useless content hardly of any utility and purpose. However, despite being a power user on net well versed with technologies RSS feed readers, aggregators and filters, you need a method that may help you to extract best out from the enormous mass of tweets, social media posts and blog posts. There one can turn to online curation to fetch out answers to all there content related problems as well as issues.

To Publish Or Not To Publish? Fame Is The Key

Publishing is a mess. Authors have to have be famous before they can be published, because they have to do almost all the marketing of any new book. This catch-22 is described.

12 Steps To Get Traditionally Published

Every new author desires having their manuscript bought by a publishing house, however many writers do not have a clue how to accomplish this. They literally have no more idea other than to find and agent and hope for the best.

Choosing Your Publishing House

Writing is a very length and passionate process that can take years to complete. However if a writer has managed to write a book, only half the job is done. To complete the rest of the job he needs a good publishing house which can print and publish his work and also ensure that a marketing campaign is organized to promote the book to reach wider audience too.

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