The one word that most successful people have in common is this. Can you guess what it is?

Self-Publishing a Book in India

The art of publishing is old now. The new art of self-publishing is here. Do you want to learn this art? Read this article to know: How to find the best self-publishing company in India? How to find the self-publishing partner that actually markets your book?

The Naked Crime Writer

We are living in a Brave New World of Fake News. How can you trust the media to get anything right? Who can you expect to tell the truth, especially the people whose business is actually Fiction?

What Authors Can Learn From the Incredible Story Behind the Movie THE ELEPHANT MAN

Movies, like books, sometimes have humble beginnings. “Making the Elephant Man: A Producer’s Memoir” gives us an insider’s look at the creation of one of the first ever indie films and a box-office smash, as well as a peek into the early careers of movie greats David Lynch, Mel Brooks and Anthony Hopkins.

How an Author’s Consultant Can Cinch Your Book Deal

As a book marketing specialist who deals daily with the media, I learned a long time ago that a common mistake in crafting media pitch letters is making them too long. We live in the Twitter world of 140 characters or less. This has trained people to be impatient and critical of long winded introductions. The same is true of query letters to an agent. A query letter should be no more than half a page. You have to know exactly what agents want to hear, what they’re looking for. Tell them only that and end the letter right there! Keep it short, keep it sweet and you’ll be one step closer to landing an agent.

6 Benefits of Self-Publishing

So, your book is ready. You have done all the revisions and editing. And now comes the most important and final stage: publishing. When it comes to publishing, you have two options to choose from. You can choose the traditional method or the modern one, which is self-publishing. To make the best choice, you may want to weigh the pros of each. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 benefits of self-publishing.

And Old Book, a New Bestseller

Can old books become new bestsellers? Well yes, they can, without a doubt. Just imagine, for a moment, that your book had a set-up that utilizes all available data and technology in establishing a unique customer experience. Imagine your book standing out, even without a strong advertising budget, lead by data-driven sales strategy… it’s not impossible, not by any stretch.

How Publishing Agencies Can Scale New Heights in 2018

An opinion on how digital publishers can benefit from journal publishing services this year and the factors to take care of with publications. Go through the article and get to now how experts in digital agencies can help your business grow.

How to Self Publish and Promote an eBook

People often ask me how to self publish a novel they’ve written. This article has all of that advice, from publishing to promotion, in one place.

Adventures in Self-Publishing

So, what have I learned? Do more research than I did; there are less expensive alternatives, particularly if you are comfortable managing your own marketing. Choose an underserved topic; mine is about business startup and the selection is huge.

Are You Tired of Contacting Traditional Publishing Houses and Literary Agents?

Before you start thinking that your efforts will forever remain unheard and your work doesn’t have the potential to become a book, consider self-publishing as the one-stop solution. What is self-publishing? Self-publishing has emerged as a publishing platform that aims at fulfilling every author’s desire to get published.

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