The 30-Day Book Awards Challenge: Is It Possible to Win?

Getting Published – Exactly What Does it Take?

As a new author, where do you start? What do publishers look for? This article answers these questions, and gives an overview of the changes happening in publishing.

Book Editing – An Important Role in the Publication Industry

Book publication is a very big deal today with more and more people reading fiction as well as nonfiction. You may be a very good writer, but book editing is a totally different ball game. It is absolutely essential for the book to be a good piece of literature in the increasingly perfectionist world, especially for nonfiction works.

Hooked on Self Publishing

Do you want to self-publish a book? Have you ever self-published a book? Do you know the truth behind the self-publishing industry?

Self Publishing and Motivation

Most writers have distinct grounds for self-publishing. If you’re proposing to write and release your very own book, you ought to make certain to check over your own motivations for doing this. You need to make sure your motivations are sound and reasoned so you might progress and possibly accomplish success. You’ll require purpose because it’s both exciting and financially debilitating.

Self Publishing Common Obstacles

It’s a sad fact that book publication is not a simple pursuit or business enterprise. These days, the number of readers who invest in books is declining substantially because of the popularity of the Internet. Anticipate publishing companies to be tighter in taking on manuscripts and books for publishing. It is essentially harder to motivate publishers nowadays. If you are determined to become a writer, you ought to turn to self-publishing.

4 Quick Steps to Have a Successful 2010 As a Self-Published Author

Have an idea for a self-published book but don’t know where to begin? Check out these four simple steps to get your writing career off to a fresh start in 2010!

Achieving Success in a Bunny-Eat-Bunny-World

This article highlights some good tips for writing and publishing a children’s book. Patience, perseverance, and willingness. This is what determines the outcome for a children’s author seeking publication.

Six Simple Tips For Publishing Your Academic Journal Article

Here are six tips for getting your academic work published in a peer-reviewed journal: * Don’t try getting your article published in a journal that does not cater to your topic. If you do not already read the journal regularly, find a copy and understand the types of articles they publish. Then make sure that your article fits that standard.

Green Publishing Can Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Have your ever wondered exactly what the new phrase, “carbon footprint” is describing? According to definition, our carbon footprint is the “total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused both directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product”.

Digital Publishing Options Give Aspiring Writers a Chance

Over the past few years, digital reporting has become a social advertising phenomenon. Never in the history of writing has publishing been so easy. The creation and distribution of citizen journalism has become an open community media. Writers come from all walks of life. Moms and daughters, professors and students, corporations and sole-proprietorships have all learned to reap from the cutting edge value of premier digital magazines.

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