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How to Get Published – A Comparison of Traditional Versus Self Publishing

The book publishing industry has gone through an extreme makeover in the past couple of years. This has included the advent of the eBook and more recently the arrival of the eBook readers and the Amazon Kindle. With these developments has come an abundance of opportunities to people who felt they had a story in them and wanted to get published.

It Won’t Sell In Mali (Why Publishers Reject Your Submission)

“Go away, we’re decorating Christmas trees”. Reasons why publishers reject your submission – and what you can do to improve your chances.

How to Publish Your Novel and/or Your Non-Fiction Book

How to publish your Novel and/or your Non-fiction Book Everyone has one book inside them, so the saying goes. And, generally, this is assumed to be a novel. This is, I suppose, because a novel is entirely fictitious, and comes from the imagination, and most people, certainly by the age of maturity, have had enough experiences, and have enough memories, to enable them to write at least one work of fiction.

How A Book Is Born

This is my story about living with a Naval Historian and author, Dudley Pope, our adventures in the UK, Italy and later in the Caribbean aboard our yacht Ramage with our young daughter, living the life of our dreams and a lot of hard work. When my husband died, my friends were so patient with me and gently explained that I was suffering from “the crazy widow’s syndrome”. I hope my story helps others that my adventures and perspectives interest readers of all ages!

The Self-Published Book Deal

Writing a book is the ultimate self-promotion and content marketing strategy. The consulting specialist as author will almost automatically be able to position him/herself as an expert, a desirable speaker or panelist at conferences and credible quote source for journalists. Because the number of book publishing houses continues to diminish, authors of a book conceived to be used for self and business promotion should prepare to self-publish. Aspiring authors are advised to evaluate carefully the various self-publishing options. Owning the rights to one’s work, book distribution fees, the option to produce a digital version of the book, customized book cover design and copy editing of text are of particular concern, along with the costs for these services. Hiring an attorney who specializes in negotiating publishing contracts to help sort out these matters is advisable.

What Makes Press Release Writing Different?

There are all sorts of ways to get your company name out there – and many of those ways include writing of some sort. Blogs, websites, press releases, bylines – they’re all written materials, but each has its own purpose and, with that purpose comes a unique tone. Blogs and websites can take on the voice of the company or individual and bylines tend to fall into the professional tone category, unless being written for a specific publication with a tone of its own. But press release writing is unique in that the writing is directed toward news desks and media professionals, rather than the engaged consumer.

Publishing an eBook

As opposed to conventional books, publishing an eBook has become the latest trend, gaining in popularity each day. The market has evolved for both print and electronic books, but publishing an eBook has been given priority nowadays. The market for printed books still remains strong, but there are many writers, who do not receive the luxury of getting their books published and printed by a good publisher.

How to Self-Publish a Book

In order to make sure that you succeed in learning how to self publish a book, you must follow some steps. Whether you are writing your first book or even your hundredth, you must have a clear understanding of how to self publish a book. There are some simple steps that you should follow, otherwise you will unintentionally hinder your opportunity for success.

eBook Publishing

An ebook is generally known as an electronic book. Today, most publishers always have an eBook publishing plan in mind. Of course, eBooks are the books that have text images and these can be read on the electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, computers, and so forth, through the internet.

How to Publish an eBook

Interested in learning how to publish an eBook online? Learning how to publish an eBook is the next step once a writer is ready with his or her eBook and has covered all of the steps from writing the book, getting it reviewed and edited, and designed the cover art. The dynamics of eBook publishing are changing rapidly with new services, new formats, and new terms and conditions being introduced, so it’s always better to research how to publish an eBook before starting the actual process.

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