Stay EVERGREEN! Self Publishing Talk With Marty Cooney & Joshua Montoya

Author Copyright Questions Answered

Copyright; it’s a scary word, but like all creative professionals, authors need to understand it. You’ve probably thought about copyrighting your work at least once. So, to help you better understand it, here’s a quick summary of some of the most often asked copyright issues.

Secrets To eBook Publishing Success!

Today, I would like to provide additional details to help you succeed with publishing your first eBook. Although I’ve written articles on this subject in the past, I would like to elaborate further because some people are still unsure of where to begin. Not only that but many people are also deciding to write a book for the wrong reasons, hence why so many have failed at becoming an indie-author (independent author).

5 Powerful Tips for a Stressful eBook Launch

Launching an eBook is very much similar to launching a new campaign. It is not that stressful as it sounds rather it is fun. Before you write and publish your eBook it is important to build good connections first and be ready for the questionnaire about your eBook. Gear up yourself for more opportunities and be friendly.

Good Writers Do Not Flood Their Writing With Quotations

I have coached many reporters and business professionals over the years, and one of the most common and damaging habits they fall prey to is the irresistible urge to flood their copy with quotations – whether drawing from human sources or from material sources such as encyclopedias, research reports, white papers and so on. Too many writers mistakenly believe that quotations are the spice of writing, that they add authentic voices to the subject. Wrong, in almost every case. Writing that is driven by quotations is writing without a voice. Here’s why…

Specialty Book – New York May Not Be the Best Venue

What is an author or writer to do these days? The competition is quite fierce for getting something published. First of all, just about anyone with a word processing program is writing a book, or is considering preparing a manuscript in the future. Further, many publishing companies have not been able to make the money they’ve made in the past, and they’re getting even more stingy with what types of books they will publish. There used to be a 70 to 1 ratio of manuscripts which got published, and those that failed to make the grade.

Book Exhibits: Gateway to Self-Publishing Success

Engaging yourself into self-publishing industry is getting involved with opportunities which bring you to its sensation. Because you are your own boss towards the publication and marketing of your books; every option you make should be based on the upshot of your research and instinct about self-publishing services offered by different publishers and other book agents in the world.

How to Publish an eBook in Minutes

eBooks are great for writers because it means no printing and shipping costs which makes the whole self publishing process so much easier. It also makes it cheaper because there are no costs involved. Yet many authors are put off because they think that publishing an eBook takes a lot of time and skill. But it doesn’t and you can publish an eBook in minutes.

How to Beat “IFs” in Writing Fiction Books

There is so much to wonder about writing your book and so with writing fiction books. Just when an author is about to start jotting down his words; several what IFs start to show up.

Confused Between Your Magazine Readers Vs Advertisers?

You hear about finding your niche market, your target audience when planning your magazine. But do you find yourself getting confused over the target or niche market being your reader or your advertiser? Let me clear that up.

The Benefits Of Academic Journals

Academic journals are a body of work that publishes academic articles which have been peer reviewed. A journal’s main function is to distribute knowledge, not maximizes its income. Academic journals contain a wealth of research results from various different areas.

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