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Little Known Book Publishing Marketing Secrets

The long standing question in book publishing is how would a publishing house survive and continue printing alternative materials without a decent profit-margin? Realistically, some Christian book publishers do not sell enough books to even compensate the cost of production.

My E-Book Writing and Publishing Experience

When you have thoughts then they add up to an idea, an article, paper or book should be written. Let the world know about your break through. Once your book is written, then comes the hard part – publishing. Luckily, in this modern age you do not need a publisher. In my article below, I go through the steps that I took to bring my idea to life. My goal is to help you to step over the tougher spots that I encountered.

Self-Publishing a Book?

If so, be prepared for the pitfalls, plan accordingly for the strikes against you and then figure out how to optimize on the opportunities. Let’s start with the bad news: There is a pre-conceived notion that self-published books are of lesser quality than traditionally published books.

From Big Publishing Houses to Self Publishing

Over the last decade an enormous shift in the publishing industry can be witnessed throughout most every genre of fiction. Not only has the new technology of e-reading hardware brought about mobile online access to literature that was non existent in prior years there also is a remarkable development in the publishing landscape itself.

Realise Your Writing Goals in 2011

Ten, even five years ago, options were limited. Some writers took it upon themselves to use what were known as ‘vanity’ routes to realise their publishing goals. Some of these Vanity Presses required a lot of money upfront to print books, with the writer footing all that bill. The chances of making money were virtually nil, breaking even considered a success.

CreateSpace Advantages

CreateSpace advantages highlight why CreateSpace is the best self-publishing deal available. You can publish for free, or use the inexpensive Pro Plan to get the lowest wholesale book prices available. Your book will get the same book detail page on, complete with the “Look Inside” feature, that you would get with a traditional book publisher.

Are You Keeping Track of Your Query Letters?

As a writer, I know what it’s like to send out query letters. Currently, I’m querying literary agencies to seek representation for my teen non-fiction books. I decided to send out a certain amount of queries each month but realized I better keep track of them. I don’t want to submit a query letter to an agent twice!

How to Self Publish Your eBook Using Scrivener and Lulu

Do it yourself publishing will probably be the best way ahead available for many authors because of a number of factors, just one indeed being the advance straight into the electronic and digital media reading devices which includes the Kindle, the Nook, Sony E Reader and also the Apple tablet. One more thing that may be pushing in this direction may be the fact that publishing houses have most certainly been expecting novelists to carry out more of the advertising efforts for launched ebooks and traditional books…

Hope Makes for Easy Prey

It’s a story that I hear from authors all too often. It’s not the story that they want to tell. It’s a story of disappointment and deception. It’s a story that begins with hope and ends with heartbreak. The adage is all too true, “An unfortunate side effect of hope is deception.”

5 Tips to Come Back to Blogging

There is always a bad time. You can see this in business, blogging and even studies. when it comes to blog, you can feel like quitting and sell it if your blog is an established one.

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