Should You Be Creating Activity KDP Books For 2021?

Will Newspaper Publishing Become a Thing of the Past?

One of the Founders of Google had predicted the death of the newspaper in this coming decade, and most folks believe that to be a pretty solid observation; most futurists agree. Newspapers are as old as the printing press and they have grown in size and number ever since.

Getting Your Message Out There

It can be difficult and expensive to publish materials for your business or your own personal use independently. Printing companies can charge high rates and may not have the benefits or quality that you personally require. That’s why many people have turned to publishing their own materials from home or at the office.

Literary Agent Scams – How to Protect Yourself From Con Artists

This article teaches writers (primarily writers of books and novels submitting to literary agents) how to identify, spot, and avoid literary agency scams and schemes. Protect your writing from unscrupulous literary agents with our handy guide.

Publish Your Full Length Mime in 2009

Have you ever thought of writing an auto biography, and then getting it published? There is both an art and science to telling a personal story or the events of one’s life, and it is amazing what you can do in writing if you learn how to do it properly.

2009 is Your Time – Publish That Novel and You’ll Be Fine!

Have you ever wanted to write a book? You can you know, others have. Well, that’s obvious especially if you go into a large bookstore and see all the isles of books for sale.

Do Your Research to Get Published

Research is something many writers dislike and find daunting or even intimidating. In truth, as a writer, you are doing research all the time: when you’re riding the bus or train to work, when you’re traveling on vacation, when you’re having a lively discussion-or better yet an argument-with a friend or colleague. Everything you experience and observe is research.

More About Publishing and Publishing Companies

Publishing is a process of distributing and producing books or forms of literature. There are numerous varieties of publishing such as self-publishing, vanity publishing and so much more.

Get the Most Out of Literary Festivals

So you’re attending your first book festival and you’re ready to sell your self published books. There are a few things you need to know to make sure you get the most out of attending that literary festival.

What’s on Your Back Cover?

Everyone knows that a book’s back cover needs a bar code along with ISBN and price information, but once those are in place, new publishers often are unsure what to add to the back cover of their books. While there are many different views about what should be on a back cover, I believe the best use is to see the back of your book as a mini sales page, including four elements.

Top Four Ways to Sell a Self Published Book Fast

Now that the book is finished, what is next? This is the primary question on any self published author’s mind as they delve into the world of the unknown with their latest literary creation. Where do I begin, what do I say, and who do I target as my audience are some of the unknowns that haunt a new self published author on a daily basis. All of these questions route back to the number one reason for writing a book and that is making it available for others to read and enjoy.

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