Self-publishing tips: How to Rank Your Book Higher on Amazon – EASY 1-2-3 Kindle self-publishing keyword ranking strategy!


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Self-publishing tips: Ranking your book higher with keywords

This article reveals some essential self-publishing tips for independent authors. As you can imagine, getting on page 1 of Amazon’s search results can be very important, so how can we increase the rank of our book to make our listing show up to those who are searching for topics related to our book on Amazon? If the keyword you want to target is not in your book title, sub-title or book description, then it’s very unlikely to score high in Amazon’s search results. I want to tell you about a very quick and easy strategy to rank your books higher on Amazon and get the most value out of the keywords you select. So the strategy is very, very simple.


Self-publishing Tips

For these seven keywords that you can enter, a lot of people don’t know this, just put one keyword per box and that’s the strategy is basically. You can fill out this box with a lot more other keywords, and what Amazon does is they mix them match. Each combination of the words in this box and they will rank your book and every single one.

So what what I’m, trying to say, is, and basically what I do is if my book is on ketogenic diet. I would simply get these keywords, because this is what people are searching for right. So Amazon tells you what you know the most searched term in this keyword, and so it gives you recommendations.
One thing to keep in mind will never put free right, never put Kindle. Never put books, because books are not allowed as well and  you cannot enter any promotional terms in this section, so avoid the term “free”.

self-publishing tips

You cannot put trademark terms in this seven keywords: section also: author names, you’re, not supposed to put author names or very unique book titles.

Also, famous authors are not allowed so you don’t want to do any of those, because Amazon is very strict with their metadata manipulation policy, and you will get an email very quick and potentially lose your account, but you can definitely put generic terms.

Don’t put “free” book again, but you can put cookbook, you can do beginners for beginners and you can do mistakes right. For this example, you can do ketogenic diet for beginners, cookbook mistakes and even guide.

So your book is going to rank for ketogenic diet for beginners and it’s actually going to also get ranked for genic diet cookbook and it’s also going to rank for ketogenic diet, mistakes and it’s also going to rank for cookbook mistakes cookbook for beginners.

Self-publishing tips: keywords for profits

Those kinds of keywords, of course I don’t know how profitable those are, but you get my point so all the combinations it ranks. So what I usually do with diet books – I mean I just do like cookbooks guide recipes or something like that.

self-publishing tips

You will notice it ranks on every single one and you can do the same for each of these boxes. Now I’ve confirmed that this is not a one of those tactics that’s, manipulating Amazon system.

I know self-published authors  who have been using this strategy for a long time, even in the fiction space. This strategy is very popular and everybody kind of does it so feel free to use a strategy and get your book ranking.

Getting your book on page 1 of Amazon’s search results is possible following the options I have just revealed.

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