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Publish Like A Maniac

How do you publish like a maniac? These days, everyone is always running after time. The world seems to be moving very fast and so you should keep up or else you might be left out. The writing industry is also keeping track that is why authors have studied and found ways to publish in the easiest and fastest way. However, it is always good to note that keeping up with time doesn’t mean you need to be in a rush, fast in this sense still means being efficient. Do not ever sacrifice the quality of your work.

The Most Honest Self-Publishing Tips For Authors

This article will detail the boldest self-publishing tips you should ponder upon. I do not claim to be an expert in self-publishing. I still believe no one is because each day is a learning process for every author. The wisdom in self-publishing only begins when you decide to start publishing and will end when you also decide to stop doing so. I am not against those authors who claim to be veterans of self-publishing. I just have a personal belief that each day is a learning day where you discover new and improved knowledge. You grow upon every publication you make.

Looking For A Publisher? Choose Amazon

Any author should choose Amazon as their publisher. Reviews and commentaries have proven and showed that the majority of writers today choose Amazon. There are a number of publishers that can be found on the net today but the applaud goes to Amazon. I have read a testimony from an author yesterday about this site. ” Amazon makes every author’s life easy. Before I came across this site, every publishing day was hard work but now, publishing has never been more convenient. I earned remarkable sales here. This is my home,” the author stated.

Five Easy Ways to Be Self-Published Fast

Who says being self-published is hard? Most people think that it is hard to become self-published. Yes, this has been the notion spread by some and believed by a handful of readers. There is always a story within you. Normally, you always have a tale to tell and information to share and since this is a very normal thing, it does not often get recognized. There is actually a hub for all your tales -e-books. Electronic books have been around for years yet not everyone has acknowledged its essence. More so, there are many writing and self-publishing myths spread which hinders one to finish and publish a book. Being self-published is easy. Ignore and forget about the “Pitfalls of Publishing” and the “Self-Publishing Block Myth.” This article will show you five easy ways on how be self-published.

The Best Selling Self-Published Authors Live in The Amazon!

Well, not IN the Amazon, literally, but in Amazon on the internet. Amazon is said to produce the biggest self-published authors of the season. The biggest website in the country has 70% of the world’s big hits. Researches and surveys have shown that being a self-published author at Amazon make you reach those millions you have always hungered for. What does it take to be one of the best selling self-published authors in Amazon? How does this happen? And when is the best time to start.

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