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7 Self Publishing Myths And The Truth Behind It All

You already have what it takes to self-publish your first book. And like other successful writers and authors turned publishers you can create or increase your passive income stream each month. Your competitors wish you would never discover the truth about these myths.

First Things First (I Finished My Manuscript – Now What?)

My manuscript is finished. What is my next step? Find out if your book is unique, or just a cookie-cutter version of an existing book.

Not All Reviews Are Equal

So, it goes like this: You finish your novel (or short story or poem – substitute your own medium here), and decide to put it ‘out there’ for feedback. Maybe you post some chapters on your blog, maybe you submit to a peer review website, maybe you’re really brave and you send it out to an agent, or even pay for a professional critique.

Becoming A Self-Published Author With Amazon

Receiving multiple rejection letters consistently can be extremely disappointing for any aspiring author, however, individuals desiring to become published authors can now do so with the help of Amazon! Books are now readily available, thanks to Amazon Kindle. No more trips to the local bookstore are necessary. By selecting the appropriate button, viewers can now download all of the new romance novels, cookbooks, and e-zines they desire… This same opportunity is also available to writers too!

Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing: 5 Quick Tips For Writing A Kindle E-Book offers multiple ways to earn money via their online platform, such as the Amazon affiliate and associates programs, but no one method has become more popular than Amazon Kindle self-publishing. Writing Amazon Kindle e-books is not only profitable, but can be extremely easy by implementing a few easy tips.

5 Benefits Of Self-Publishing With Amazon Kindle

Everyday ordinary people are creating fortunes by simply selling ebooks over the internet and riding the ever-growing wave of Kindle publishing. If you enjoy writing, you can also profit from kindle self-publishing and cash in on the ever-growing trend of e-book publishing. E-book publishing through Kindle is effortless, doesn’t require an agent or traditional publishing firm, gives you instant exposure, cost little to nothing to do, and provides a much better profit margin than traditional methods.

10 Simple Steps To Self-Publishing Your Amazon Kindle E-Book

The Kindle is increasing in popularity every day and this is driving a huge demand for Amazons e-book reader. After only a short time the huge demand is making it extremely difficult for to keep up with the high number of daily orders. Whether you simply write in your spare time or as a full-time income, you can take advantage of this craze and monetize the ever growing popularity of the Amazon Kindle by self-publishing your own e-book.

Disadvantages of Using Free Software to Convert to Mobi Format

Converting to mobi is the first step in publishing your ebook on the Kindle. This conversion can be done in several ways, but be wary of free programs. If you’re serious about the look and feel of your book you may want to look elsewhere.

Memoir Self-Publishing With a Book Packager

So you’ve decided to self-publish the book you have worked so hard to write. Congratulations! You are joining the ranks of some of the most well-known authors including Deepak Chopra, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein and Anais Nin.

A Guide To The Publication Design Process

Publication design is specifically the creation and manipulation of graphics and typography for use in publications such as books, magazines, annual reports, and any other long-form content. This article will provide an overview of the process.

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