My BIGGEST month EVER self publishing books on Amazon! (Kindle Direct Publishing)

So You Want to Get Published?

Believe it or not, getting published is now easier than ever before – but it depends how you define the term. Traditional publishing – where you sign a contract with a publishing house to print and distribute your manuscript in return for a share of the profits – is in the doldrums these days. Under threat from the dire economic situation and increased competition from digital media and other forms of entertainment, the industry has battened down the hatches and is releasing fewer and fewer titles. Only established authors or well-known celebrities with a story to tell are getting a look in. So unless that’s you, don’t give up the day job just yet.

Eight Tips for Better Book Cover Design

As a design educator, I’m often asked to critique book covers. The most common stumbling block is typography. Here are some simple tips for designers and do-it-yourselfers.

Self Publishing – Truths and Lies

Are you anxious to get your book published? Being anxious to see your work bound and printed is a feeling that all authors have experienced at some point or another, but being too anxious may result in poor decisions that you’ll regret later. So before you join the bandwagon in self publishing your book, let us consider the truths and lies about self publishing.

How to Self-Publish Your Book

Self-publishing is a good option for some authors; it can be cost-effective as long as the author is prepared to do the quantum leap of faith and crossover from craft to business. Self-publishing can be very rewarding and keeps the author in control of the entire book creation process. You might have decided to self-publish your book, so now where do you begin?

Publish an E-Book

In this age of the Internet, newsletters and ezines are not the only ways to publish a book without having to resort to big name publishers. Self-publishing authors publish their books in electronic form known as e-book, as an alternative.

Sell Your Book With No Start Up Costs Using POD

To better understand POD and self-publishing, it would be appropriate to take a review of the orthodox book publishing process. There are just too many people and writers who are dreaming of someday being called real book authors.

Publishing – How to Get Your Book on Amazon

For years, writers have dreamt about getting a book on Amazon. But it’s a dream that’s within everyone’s grasp. In this article you’ll learn how to get your book on Amazon.

Publishing – The Cheapest, Easiest Way to Publish Your Own Books

So you’ve written your book or eBook and now you’re ready to publish it. Good for you. But now you’ve also got a problem.

What Authors Have to Know About Book Delivery

Self-publishing a book is an enormous undertaking, and often little details can become big problems if they are not considered. Just what it means to publish a large number of books is something that must be fully understood before your books are delivered.

Do You Know the Difference Between a Copy-Editor and a Proofreader? Part 1: The Copy-Editor

There are many who think copy-editing and proofreading are one and the same occupation, and whilst there are similarities, there are also major differences between the two roles. In the first of a two-part article, we will look at the part a copy-editor plays in the publishing process. This is by no means an in-depth study but should give a good indication of what is involved. The tasks mentioned are in no particular order and for the purpose of illustration the subject is based on hard copy publication as opposed to online content.

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