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Google+ Author Profiles Will Become The Essential Step For 2013

Writers and web publishers, including webmasters, will need a good looking authorship profile at Google Plus, for 2013. Quality of content and reputation will radiate out from that information hub and possibly even feature strongly in the search algorithm, according to buzz and rumors heard this month. The eight hundred pound gorilla usually seems to get its way.

Planning and Self Publishing a Book

Self publishing a book is one of the quickest ways to get your work into the hands of readers. There’s a long writing process to consider before you can think about that, however. It’s often difficult to find the inspiration and drive to complete a novel.

Choosing an Effective Title for Your Book

This article is about how to choose a title. This isn’t the hardest part of writing a novel or non-fiction book but it is nevertheless important.

How To Write A Book: Simply Start Writing

Writing an article about how to write a book is not as easy as you may imagine. The reason for this is there is really no one way to write a book. The best thing you can do to figure out how to write a book is to simply start writing. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t even have to be correctly written. Just write. Take that idea from your head and put it on paper or on your computer screen. Do it, now. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Start writing. Now.

How To Get Published: Now That You Have Finally Written Your First Book

Now that you have finally written your first book, you may want to try to get it published. Publishing can be hard or it can be easy; it really depends on whether you stay focused, learn the ropes, and pay attention to the rules and guidelines publishers provide.

Profiting From Digital Books

Digital books has really opened a world of opportunities for people that are interested in writing or sharing their stories. There are plenty of topics that a digital book can be written about. How to’s do well and other topics that are used to improve people’s lives.

Getting Your eBook Written

You have a good idea for an eBook, and you’ve even figured out a time in your busy schedule to sit down and write it. That’s great. What isn’t as great is figuring out how to get started. No matter how you approach the problem, you just can’t figure out the best way to go about knowing how to write an eBook.

Making Your Own Book

If you’ve written a book, if you’ve put in the enormous time and effort that such a venture demands, then it stands to reason that you’re going to want to see it published. But what can you do if publishing the traditional way isn’t an option? Do you think it’s possible to learn how to make a book?

Self Publishing – Having Control Over Your Book

While getting your book to market is not all easy, self-publishing has made the process a much easier one for new authors. Securing a traditional publishing contract today is difficult, especially if you are new on the scene. It also may not work for you and your book; not only are they difficult to get, you lose a lot of your author rights when you do get one and it can take several months, if not years.

How to Write Your Book: 3 Simple Tricks

Want to write your book? Whether you’ve previously been successful in this project or not, these simple tricks will help you.

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