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Self-Publishing – Choosing Perfection Over Publishing Your Book

A hard look at why your book is still unpublished. You may be a perfectionist, if even just on this area of your life. Dare to read on and discover more.

Tips in Hiring A Publishing Company

Writing is not a skill that one can learn overnight. It is also not a talent that is embedded in everyone. Writing is a gift for people who can find love with words.

Creative E-Books From 99 Cents – Are They Worth Writing?

You can buy good fiction novels on Smashwords and Amazon for as little as 99 cents. The question this article is asking is if it is worth you while to sell you work for such a low price?

EPUB 3 eBook Format – Insights Into the New EPUB 3 Standard

EPUB is a popular eBook file format. This article provides important information about the new version of EPUB, known as EPUB 3.

Tips for the Aspiring Writer

Perhaps you have a fabulous outline for a non-fiction book or creative writing novel. Maybe you even have a manuscript and are eager to get it published. Have you already received rejections from publishers or agents? Do not give up hope!

Self-Publish Your Book Cheaply, Easily and Profitably in Four Easy Steps!

There are many companies online that will publish your book for you – usually for high up-front costs and pitiful royalty rates. In this article you will learn exactly how easy it is to self-publish your book at very low cost, and keep the vast majority of royalties for yourself, by taking advantage of the e-book revolution!

How To Start A Children’s Publishing Company

It is said that any business that concerns children will definitely be a hit. Why? This is because parents would only want the best for their children and are willing to spend on anything for their children’s sake.

When Should You Seek a Freelance Editor’s Help?

It might be time to seek an editor’s help if: You’ve edited and edited and edited. Then rewrote. Then edited some more. Then queried. Then read a book on making your first pages snazzier. Then queried. Sent in a few partials. And nothing is happening.

Manuscript Evaluation and Self-Editing: Backstory in Memoir

It is very difficult to cut our own pasts out of our memoirs. You know that your past made you who you are today, and you probably have very strong opinions on how certain things affected you. And you want your reader to understand you as a person, so you feel that you have to include everything. Don’t.

Vetting Small and Independent Publishers – The Quick-And-Dirty Method (Plus Two Essentials)

There are thousands of small and independent publishers out there, and new ones pop up every day. If your book isn’t selling to one of the big boys – or if you don’t have an agent submitting your manuscript for you – an Indie publisher may provide the perfect home for your book.

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