How to Earn $50,000 a Year Self-Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle

Online self-publishing is booming and Amazon is leading the way. Find out how you can join the lucrative online self-publishing industry and publish successful emagazine articles, ereports and ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle.

Tell Your Story – Kindle Makes It Easy

Getting published has never been easier, especially if you are happy with just an electronic version of your book and 70% royalty payments. Amazon’s Kindle publishing service makes it easy to become an author and easy to sell your books from its pages.

The Self Publishing Process

You’ve written your book. You’ve done your research and decided you want to go with the self-publishing route. But you’re overwhelmed because you don’t know how to start or who to talk to. You need to find a company that will help you self publish your book. You have to familiarize yourself with their process. This is very vital so that things will run smoothly in publishing your book.

Writing a Children’s Book – Knowing Your Audience

If you are writing a children’s book, you have to know who you are writing for. You may remember your favorite titles from your childhood. Some of them may still be popular. But without taking time to learn what children are reading today, you will be writing a children’s book that will simply collect dust.

Five Easy Steps in Writing a Children’s Book

When you look at a children’s book, it seems like it was just written in one sitting. The words used are very straight forward, illustrations are uncomplicated, and the story itself is simple. But when you think of it, an adult who wants to write a children’s book will have to think and feel as a six-year-old would. Is that easy to do? If you are someone who is always young at heart, writing a children’s book may be a fun thing to do. Check out these five simple steps to writing a children’s book.

Need Ideas For A Book?

Lots of successful authors have felt their idea for a book too small in the LARGE scheme of things. Even so, at some point they had to realize what I’m about to share with you, “With all the wonderful and not so wonderful books in the marketplace, there’s only one voice that’s uniquely yours. I am convinced there are people waiting for your perspective, your solution, and even your book.

Research Paper Rejection? Expert Explains 7 Reasons Why to Help You Publish

Was your journal article rejected? This article will explain why. The reasons are outlined by a professional editor. You will learn how to publish your research in a professional journal.

Sub-Editing – Where to Check Your Facts

While the internet is a powerful tool, it can also hamper the dissemination of reliable facts. Sometimes, the old-fashioned way of doing things is the best. Here are some tips to ensure you are not fooled by search engine results and the knowledge of crowds.

Sub-Editing – Which Facts Should You Check?

Checking the facts of someone else’s work is a vital part of a sub-editor’s job. Here is just an idea of the thought processes involved in ensuring what hits the public domain is as accurate as possible.

What Does a Sub-Editor Do?

In the UK, they’re called sub-editors (or sub editors, or subeditors), in the US they’re called copy editors (or copy-editors or… you get the idea). All they do is stop journalists embarrassing themselves, stop their publications from looking silly and help keep the lawyers at bay.

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