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How to Get the Best Book Publishing Service

A book needs to be published. That is idea that constantly runs in an author’s mind. However, it is not just about being published. It is more on the idea that the book should be published by the best publisher there ever is. It is the author’s responsibility to hire or get the best book publishing service to ensure the success of the book.

Uncovering the Perfect Independent Self Publisher

Writing a book and finishing it is a lot different from having it published and a whole lot more if the publisher and the author is one. The author is mainly responsible for the content of the book, how the story goes, the characters, the plots, etc.

Christian Book Publishing 101

Publishing a Christian book is one of the most effective ways of spreading the word of God.  Books as we all know have the highest shelf life as compared to TV/radio programs, magazines, and any other mediums.  Knowledge transfer is also much easier when it is written in books as it can be brought anywhere.

The Blueprint to Writing a Great Christian Book

Writing a Christian book is not a task that everyone can master-or more precisely, not everyone is willing to try. But what a writer needs to know is that he doesn’t need to be a respected pastor, or the founder of a worldwide ministry to be able to share his thoughts and insights on his life as a Christian.

Is a Self-Published Book Inferior to a “Regular” Book?

Self-Publishing no longer carries the stigma of “vanity press”. If you have information people can use and want, then you should write that book and publish it yourself. The publishing companies know what “sells”, but they don’t know what your clients want, do they?

Christian Books for a Big Payday

Christianity is a religion that has persisted through countless of generations and even the changing times. The lessons of Christianity are as relevant now as it was before, making it necessary for pastors and preachers to continue with their ministry of sharing the word of God.

The No-Brainer Book Writing Template for Successful Authors

Even with all the modernization and advancement in technology that the world is currently experiencing, there seems to be no end in sight yet for the written or the printed word. Books are still a popular way for people to learn, be entertained, or widen their perspectives.

How to Start Small and Finish Big in Self Publishing

Since time immemorial, books have been a way for people to present and to preserve their thoughts. Just think about the different kinds of literature that came out from Ancient Greece and during the Renaissance period or better yet think about Christianity and how effectively it has passed on the teaching of Christ and the Apostles through the ages through a single book called the Bible.

Formatting or Typesetting: Get Your Book Ready for Publishing

A well-formatted manuscript is important regardless of how you plan to publish your book. Learn the difference between typesetting and formatting.

Wondering How to Publish a Book? First Ask These 3 Important Questions

Want to publish a book? Before you decide on traditional publishing VS self publishing, ask yourself these 3 critical questions.

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