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Build Your Own Publishing Company

If you think that authors become rich when they have a best seller, well think again. It is the publishing company that gets really rich whenever a book achieves its best-selling status. A publishing company gets to be richer than authors simply because they can control the sales and the marketing of the book.

Writing And Publishing A Book

Are you interested in writing books but don’t know where to begin or how to go about it? Would you like someone to take you through the whole process so that you can realise your dreams of becoming a successful author like so many others have already done? Here we can look at the traditional publishing vs. self publishing.

Be A Wealthy Writer: Why Quality Equals Profit

Providing high quality informational products such as books, Ebooks, coaching and study courses, will build trust with your buyers in increase profits. This article covers three reasons why your long-term profits are linked with the quality of your work.

Your Book Deserves to Be Reviewed

After your book has been published, have you thought about getting it reviewed? Being independently published, you might think that a professional book review isn’t necessary. After all, having your book reviewed is a huge risk. Agree or disagree, we are all afraid of honest opinion especially if it concerns a masterpiece that we have been working on for years.

How to Pick a Profitable Writing Niche

Is following your passion enough to pick a profitable writing niche! Unfortunately, no! This article provides three tips on how to select a niche that will help others and make you money.

How to Conduct a Market Survey on Amazon

To compete in today’s book market, you must know your competition! This article gives a three step strategy for conducting a market survey on so that you know exactly what’s hot and what’s not.

Write an EBook: Launch Your Writing Career the Easy Way

Writing and publishing a book these days can be time-consuming and financially costly if a first-time author doesn’t have a strategic plan in place. By writing a short EBook, however, a writer can become a published author and learn the ropes of the publishing industry more quickly than through the traditional publishing route. This article gives 3 benefits to starting your career by writing and publishing an EBook, a great way to get started in publishing.

What Publishers Want From The Best Humor And Satire

When it comes to finding a publisher for the work that you have put so much care, love, attention and time into writing it is an unfortunate fact that simply writing something that you and your friends and family think is great may not be enough. You have to write what publishers are looking for. And that is what this article is about.

How to Get Your Book Become A Best Seller

There are many aspiring writers these days. This is because writing can be a profitable career as many job opportunities await a person who is good with writing. Whether it is an article, blog or book, a writer will definitely earn a good amount of money in a writing profession.

What You Need to Know About Writing A Best Seller

Millions of people have tried to get into book writing, but only a few have succeeded. This is because writing is not really a career that you can learn and get used to.

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