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eBook Marketing Strategy: How to Turn Your Blog Into an eBook

You’ve got all that crazy content on your blog and it’s just sitting there… On those back pages doing nothing. Of course you link backwards to your earlier blog posts, but what if your blog crashes? It can happen? Why not write a book?

How to Protect Your E-Books From Piracy

Did you know that approximately 22.5 percent of all book sales are made up of E-books? Those book sales bring in a whopping 8 billion dollars in total sales. However illegal downloads make up a disturbingly significant portion of the 25 percent of E-books that are not purchased. Estimates are that well over 2 billion dollars in potential book sales revenue will be lost in the current year due to piracy and other forms of content infringement.

Why Self-Publish Your Book?

Self-publishing is one of the best options for aspiring authors. eBooks especially cost almost nothing to produce and are far easier to publish than many people believe. This article presents four fabulous reasons why self-publishing deserves serious consideration by every prospective author.

5 Essential Content Marketing Goals for Self-Published Authors

Content marketing is important to develop and grow your business as a self-published author, but how do you excatly develop a winning strategy that will let you build a booming business? Here are five essential marketing goals for sel f-published authors.

3 Rules For Earning Money As a Self Published Author

Being a self published author is not only easy but can, if done correctly, be profitable too. But you need to do it correctly if you want to do it successfully. And as soon as you publish your first book it will be easy to do it again for all your other books. And now I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.

Brief History of Ameer Khosrow (Parrot of India)

A brief research has been made on the life of Persian poet Ameer Khosrow. Moreover, life, activities, love with country, love with Disciple Nizam Uddin and publications of Persian scholar have also been explained briefly. The article is totally organic.

How to Use Social Media to Find New Content Marketing Ideas

Stepping out of your shell and asking your readers exactly what kind of content motivates and inspires them will always point you in the direction you need to go with your content. Build strong relationships and it’s easy to get your social media followers to tell you what they want.

Several Reasons Why Many People Do Not Write For Publishing

Several reasons why many people do not write for publishing (Become That Writer Part 1) – General lack of literacy skills – Failure to acquire some form of basic education may lead to one becoming illiterate. Writing requires some form of literal understanding of a certain language, either native or foreign. There are people who can’t write their names even in their native language.

How to Get Your Book Published: 3 Book Publishing Myths Busted

If getting a book published is on the top of your bucket list, you certainly should go through this post. Now, like any other industry, the publishing industry even craves for creative new talent with certain set parameters and regulations.

Tips To Finding Children’s Book Publishers

The number of people who think they will write a children’s book because it is easy, will tell you that any writing is hard work. When you have a written story that you believe is going to shine in the children’s market, then you are going to want to find someone who specialises in that type of literature – you want a children’s book publisher.

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