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Easy Steps to a Published Book

Confused about getting published? Some excellent authors never do get published. Why? An author must be very determined and willing to put themselves and their work out there for possible criticism.

The Benefits of Marketing If You Are a Published Author

What would take your business to the next level, whether it is online or offline? Well, no matter what you are doing now like solo ads, social networking, e-mail marketing, blogs or any other type of marketing techniques which are all good: The answer is simply to have your very own published book.

How to Publish a Book – Fast and Easy Ways to Write Your First Draft

Are you publishing your own book but you are struggling with writing the first draft? This article can help. You can quickly become an author using an easy formula to organize your first draft. When you use this simple method, your book will practically write itself. Authors, book coaches, and creators of information products all have successfully used this effective technique. You can too, whether you want to write your book or speak it into print.

Self Publishing – Is it For You?

Today there are many options available to writers. The traditional publishers face challenges from self-published books, e-publishing and the web. You need to decide what is best for you, and your work. Once you have written something, you usually want other people to read it, whether that is just friends and family or a wider market. Finding the right place for your work means doing some initial research. These notes apply to all writers, both fiction and non-fiction and if you want to self-publish these are the key questions to ask yourself:

Five Things You Must Do Before You Write Your Book

I’ve worked with many people to edit their manuscripts and to create their book proposals, and I’ve found that aspiring authors are often not clear on what they’ll have do to get a book published. Their ideas are usually based on their beliefs about book publishing, or what they’ve seen in movies or TV.

You Can Opt to Get Published on Your Own Or Get a Little Help From an Agent

So many writers are frustrated when it comes to getting their works published. The truth is not every writer who wants to get published has been published.

How to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of those jobs that falls into the dream job category. You work where you want, you work when you want, you can choose your jobs and who you work for. What could be better?

How to Annoy Literary Agents When Submitting Your Book!

Writers and authors often wonder how many literary agents they should submit to at one time. Faced with a cut-throat publishing environment, it’s tempting to try to ‘speed up’ the process by sending a mass mail-out. However, this is a strategy to avoid at all costs.

Employee Newsletters That Get Read – 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Company Newsletter

Do you want your employee newsletter to be eagerly read-or thrown in the trash? Find out what content is necessary to make your company newsletter a success.

When Self Publishing is Not Self Publishing!

Much has changed since the late sixties when I first self-published my set of poems. What I produced then was a book created at the then ‘new’ company called “Kinkos.” This article spells out the meaning of real and total self publishing.

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