How to Print Your Book All Over the World (The Self Publishing Show, episode 259)

Print Your Own Book? A Look at Print on Demand

In many ways, print on demand technology has revolutionized the way in which the publishing industry operates. If you have plans to print your own book, here are a few things to think about.

To Self-Publish Or Not to Self-Publish

You’ve got a book manuscript and you’re dying to see it in print. What should you do next? What are the odds of a commercial publisher giving you a fat contract? Should you publish and promote it yourself? This article helps answer these questions.

How to Publish Your Book Digitally on Kindle

For an author, even a self-published author, is like a marketing bonanza, if you know how to take advantage of the many offerings. The latest is the opportunity to publish your book digitally on Kindle, a wireless eBook reader that gives you access to more than 350,000 books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Here is how.

Self Publish a Book with Print on Demand – How Well Does it Work?

Do you have a book you would like to publish, but you can’t find an agent? Would you publish it yourself, but you are afraid of being out hundreds of dollars and having your garage full of boxes of books? In theory, print-on-demand publishing may be just what you have been waiting for.

3 Things You Still Need For Self-Publishing Success

Self-publishing for profit, self-publishing as a business decision, or as an extension of a business agenda-like enhancing a consultant’s reputation in her field-still requires a big dose of learning and a lot of persistence. You still need a rationale for publishing, a high-quality production, and an enthusiasm for marketing your book. These things haven’t changed at all.

Book Publishing and Self-Publishing With Print on Demand – What is it?

People confuse the Print on Demand distribution model in book publishing with the digital printing and binding technology that made the distribution method possible. This article gives a brief definition for authors or self-publishers trying to learn about new book design and book production technologies.

I Write the Perfect Novel – Why Can’t I Get it Published?

There are abundant bear traps along the way that even writers who are old hands at accepting the vagaries of the publishing industry are having difficulty navigating in the current literary marketplace. Here are several issues–some old, some new–to consider.

Writers Ask, “How Long Should My Book Be?”

Writers, whether they plan to self publish their book or not, frequently wonder how long their book should be. But the more important question is how to keep your readers reading. An enjoyable book can be as long as it needs to be as long as the reader keeps turning the pages out of interest and a desire to find out what happens next.

How to Spend Your Book Sales Money Wisely

Authors cannot just start spending money made from their books. The shrewd author who plans to sell books long-term needs to be careful with his or her money. Crunching the numbers will show that putting aside all your money from book sales to reorder and market your books is the best option.

How to Get Your Book Published

“Every competent editor knows this out the gate,” opines one expert who went on to relate as mind boggling “the daily grind” involving his associate’s patent pending private release. Incredibly the individual in question reviews each and every paragraph 20 plus times for flaws. So what we have here is a major undertaking being brought for the sole purpose of achieving a communicated thought that may as a result be well received or in the instance of draft or manuscript submissions – considered.

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