How To Make Puzzle Printables You Can Sell On Etsy Or On Your Ecom Blog

Why Hardback Books Come Out Before Softcover

Traditionally, hardcover books have always been released before the softcover version. But why? Three of the reasons why can be discovered in this article.

Document Lamination: A Guide for Self-Publishers

Laminating a small portion of your self-published book is a great way to create more interest in you book, as well as a great way to improve your income. Here is a quick primer on what document lamination is about, how it works, and what is needed.

Book Industry Product Identifiers: ASIN, EAN, GTIN, and ISBN: A Guide for Self-Publishers

Here is a quick primer for self-publishers on the different book identification numbers and barcodes that elf-publishers need to know about. Each one is used throughout the world as a way to identify a specific book.

Why You Should Use Thesis Editing Services

Thesis editing is essential for students who need help with their English language quality. A clean and readable thesis that has been professionally edited can greatly improve the chances of its success.

What Is Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing is a very powerful, exciting, and alluring concept. On its simplest level, it’s a way to get your words and ideas to a world-wide audience. On an artistic level, it’s an extension of the creative process. Self-publishing is a fun, interesting, and profitable way to satisfy your need to create a product, share it with the world in an appealing way, and make money doing it.

eBook, PDF, and EPUB: What Is The Difference? A Guide for Self-Publishers

As a small publisher it is essential that you prepare all of your publications for print and screen. You will need to be very familiar with both PDF and the EPUB format. Fortunately, there is only a very small learning curve to become familiar with each format. With a little effort it shouldn’t be too hard to learn about, understand, and use both formats. But learn them you must, because PDF is essential to running your publishing business, and EPUB is becoming the standard format for eBooks within the publishing industry.

Getting a Big Name to Write Your Book’s Foreword: An Introduction for Self-Publishers

Getting a notable VIP, industry guru, or media celebrity to write the foreword for your book is a great way to jump-start bigger sales and get positive publicity for your book. If you are an unknown author, getting a notable leader in your field to write your foreword is essential if you want to get readers to take a chance on you and buy your book. Having your name associated with an industry leader will greatly enhance your credibility within your industry and with your readers.

What Is Print-On-Demand Publishing (POD)? A Guide for Self-Publishers

Print-on-demand (POD) publishing is a way to have books immediately printed and bound after a customer places an order for the book. The computer, the internet, and POD technology have together been fueling the huge surge in self-publishing. This is because it is a very fast and inexpensive way to get your books into the hands of your customers and readers.

What Is Niche Publishing?

Niche publishing means publishing to a very specific, tightly defined, focused audience. To promote your books, and give yourself credibility with your readers, you would need to write articles, and a blog, and a website, etc., devoted to your specific specialty, or niche.

State of the Media Industry – Publishing

Media companies are learning to adapt to the changing media environment and more and more companies are investing heavily in digital visibility. Those who are not embracing new models and experimenting with new ways to stay in business are doomed. In 2004/5, the first niche social networks made the media industry take notice of the increasingly networked world we live in and where we are all headed – online.

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