How To Make Money Online Passively With KDP Low Content Books In 2020

Your Guide to Succeeding As a Published Author Pt.1

There are more and more people deciding to put their ideas on paper and authoring their own book, but while the creative juices may well flow, quite often the business sense doesn’t. In this special series of articles, I’ll be explaining how to succeed as an author explaining the pros and cons of becoming an author & getting your book successfully to market.

Is the Epic Novel Dead?

Would anyone publish Gone with the Wind if it had been written today? Are epic novels that exceed 120,000 words now doomed to slush-pile purgatory?

Self-Guide to Ebook Publishing – Practical Steps for Success

As a self-published author of three books, I know how hard it is to find a literary agent or publishing house interested in publishing your work. One of the first things I did after sending out queries to no avail was to check out the Print-On-Demand (POD) houses to get my novels printed and distributed. I did this for my first two books with high expectations. While there are many fine POD companies ready and willing to publish your work for a fee, I quickly realized there are some significant drawbacks to this method. The number one drawback for me was the high list prices assigned to my printed novels. The prices were not competitive in the marketplace. I even tried offering an eBook format, but it was before the time of digital eBook readers and the current explosion in digital content. With this in mind I decided to publish my new novel in eBook format myself. What I learned over the last few months are the practical steps necessary for successful eBook publishing, which I will share with those of you who want more control over publishing, distributing and selling your work.

Book Designing 101: How to Get Started

Now more than ever it’s easy to publish your own book. Self-publishing gives you the benefit of receiving all the profit from your book rather than splitting costs with a publisher. To cut down on the cost even more, you can learn to put your book together and prepare it for print yourself.

Business Tips for Authors

Once a writer becomes a published author, he or she also becomes a small business owner. Authors may not want to be businesspeople, but the most successful authors have good business skills and learn how to balance their writing with their business activities, realizing that even writing is a business investment and activity that should produce dividends.

Fundamental Facts About How To Make A Comic Book

Interested in learning how to make a comic book? Discover the step by step guide to making comic books. Learn what is involved in creating comics for fun and profit.

How to Self-Publish a Fiction Book and Sell Millions of Copies

Writing a successful fiction book means creating a great story that fills the need for the unexpressed emotions, feelings and desires of the reader. The whole process of writing and publishing can be described in 7 steps.

To Get An Agent Or Not To Get An Agent

You don’t need an agent to self-publish. You generally do need one to get a major publisher. Sometimes publishing companies approach you if you have established yourself as an expert in your field.

How to Self-Publish a Non-Fiction Book and Become a Successful Author

Self-publishing process of a successful non-fiction book can be subdivided in 7 logical steps. I use this process in writing my books and it proved to be very useful. Also, I know many other prominent authors who follow these steps religiously while creating their books.

5 Tips for Getting Your Scholarly Book Published

It’s no secret that venues for scholarly publication, especially in the humanities, have constricted in the last twenty years. Fiscal pressures have compelled many academic institutions to retrench.

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