How To Make a Safari KDP Coloring Book To Sell On Amazon Easily

Article Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Article marketing can be very effective but only if you do it the right way. Understanding the common pitfalls out there can help to avoid them.

Plot Twists Continue to Roil the Book Industry

This is a tough time to be in the book business. Not only is the industry under siege from the same economic forces that are making the entire retail world challenging, but the book industry faces an additional threat from the march of technology and digitization. The same forces that all but eliminated an entire class of retail stores – anyone remember Strawberry Records, Sam Goody or Virgin Superstores?

In This Recession, Many Authors Are Opting For Print-on-Demand Publishing

The sagging American economy has had a huge impact on the publishing industry. Many large publishers have put a hold on manuscript submissions, while others have laid off staff. Some small publishers have already gone out of business. New and established authors don’t know what to do. Their choices: go from publisher to publisher and get rejects, or opt for POD publishing. This established author chose the latter.

Pre-Publishing Preparations Lead to Thriving Book Marketing Campaigns

The competence of your book marketing campaign decisively lies on good planning and timely implementation. The things you accomplish, from writing the manuscript to launching your book could affect sales. Although there are other millions of factors that could affect sales, not doing pre-marketing routines can bring down a campaign that has the potential of being successful.

Modern Day Take on Marketing Your Book

Marketing your book should be equally important as marketing yourself. Knowing how a perspective book purchaser thinks and the areas they seek out information will help you to corner those areas.

Getting Published – One Author’s Experience With Traditional Publishing

Mine was not the typical path to publication. To start with, I’m not your typical writer. Not that I don’t write all day, but do prescriptions count? Most of my writing consists of (sometimes sloppy) chart notes and (sometimes illegible) prescriptions.

Work From Home – Writing For Money

Anyone who has been trying to work from home, but has run out of ideas should not become discouraged. I understand that with all of the false promises published on the internet regarding opportunities to work from home, it is difficult to know what to believe. For all of those who have encountered such challenges, I strongly suggest that you consider becoming a professional writer. There are several opportunities to work from home as a writer, you just need to uncover them. Having said that, I am going to give you a helping hand.

The Lure of the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novel

The imagination is a powerful thing. It’s the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist. When described through words and subsequently imagined, those scenes, objects and events can become compelling and enthralling alternative realities for us to escape to.

Non-Fiction – How Publishers Select Manuscripts

All good non-fiction titles contain the following characteristics: Accuracy – There is no point conveying information to the reader if that information is incorrect. At best misleading and at worst libelous or defamatory, poorly checked work can land the author (and the publisher) in a great deal of trouble. Ultimately, the book will have failed to achieve its aim and will have cheated the reader.

How to Calculate Book Spine Thickness

10 divided by 176, multiplied by the number of pages of text within the book, divided by 90, multiplied by the weight of the paper in gsm, add 1mm for the crease in the cover and this will give you the book block thickness in millimetres. Add 3mm to this figure to account for the cover and you have the spine thickness of a finished book. If you’re having a hardback book printed, artwork for your hardback book cover needs to be larger than for a softback book because the cover image needs to be able to wrap around the edges of the greyboard card used to create the hard spine and covers.

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