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Kindle Publishing Guidelines: Preparing Text-Heavy Books

The term “reflowable” refers to e-books that are text-heavy. Basically, the content of reflowable e-books “reflow” when the users change the text settings. Creating a reflowable e-book is easy if the text and images are separate. Obviously, separating the text from the images of an image-heavy book (e.g. manga) is extremely difficult.

Kindle Publishing – Easy Tips

Kindle Publishing – Easy Tips What does it take to be a successful self-publisher? Quite a lot. Not only will you be investing some money into it, the process of putting it together will also require effort on your part. However, as most writers know, this is all worth it once you have that manuscript ready to go. For many, the sales they make from it is only secondary to the fulfillment of having written and published a book-all through self-effort.

Kindle Publishing – Getting Started

A book can be many different things. It can be instructional, inspirational, based on real life or something more fictional. Plenty of people out there have a lot to share. They also have the skills to eloquently get their thoughts across through writing, but not all of them will be granted the chance to publish a book.

Kindle Publishing – What You Need to Know

Here’s a fact: Putting together a book is the easy part when it comes to self-publishing. This is especially so if you already have a solid idea of the kind of book you want as well as the content for it. Any technicalities, such as converting the file or putting together a cover art can be learned or outsourced for just a small amount.

Kindle and the World of Self-Publishing

Amazon is the best marketplace in the world and it offers authors, new and renowned, with numerous opportunities in terms of readership growth and sales. You should know though that although publishing on the Kindle platform is readily accessible, it does come with its fair share of obstacles, especially those concerning formatting and design.

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