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Print Your Own Book – The Steps to Getting Your Book Published

Have you ever wanted to print your own book? If this describes your aspirations, you are not alone! Many people would love to be full-time authors.

Christian Publishing Company – Secrets to Getting Your Book Published

A Christian publishing company is the best way to publish a Christian book or Christian novel. Unless you are someone with name recognition, you will have a difficult time finding one of the main stream publishers to publish your book.

Do You Need An Editor or Just A Copyeditor For Your Self-Published E-Book?

In the world of publishing, there are two kinds of editors who review every book published-content editors and copyeditors. Self-published authors, however, often opt to forgo any editing, which can be a mistake. But do you need an editor and a copyeditor before putting your book out in front of the public? It depends, both on your budget, your commitment to your writing, and how well you write.

Ten Tips For Copyediting Your E-Book

First, I’d like to say I don’t recommend anyone-even seasoned writers-copyedit their own work. However, the ease of self-publishing through such platforms as’s Kindle has allowed anyone with any writing skills to get their work out in from of millions of potential readers-and not everyone has the money to spend on a professional editor. So, if you’re cash-strapped or don’t consider yourself a “serious” writer, there are still some things you absolutely must do before putting your book out there. Before you publish your book, polish it.

Ten Tips For Knowing If Your E-Book Is Ready To Be Published

So, you’ve written the great American novel. Your Mom thinks it’s the best thing since War and Peace. But how do you know if it really is ready to be published? You don’t have to go the traditional route by submitting it to a gazillion publishers who are just going to say, “While the premise is interesting and the writing is engaging, your submission doesn’t quite fit into our line.” Today, you can self-publish your book in a matter of minutes. But is your book really ready for readers? Here are some tips to get your e-book ready to be published:

One Thing You Must Do If You Want To Succeed With Your Self-Published E-Book

E-book authors are so anxious to get their books out there and start selling they forget one vital aspect of the traditional publishing that is truly a good thing-editing. Even the best self-published books suffer from a lack of editing and that’s something that can turn some readers off.

Top Reasons Self-Publishing E-Books Is So Popular

Once upon a time (wink), if someone wanted to self-publish a book, they had to get ready to spend some big bucks and lug the books themselves to independent book stores in hopes they would sell a few copies. Now, thanks to the e-book revolution, it costs far less to get a book published.

Self Publishing Is Growing Thanks To E-Books: Is That Good Or Bad?

Self-publishing is growing at an enormous rate thanks to the digital age. Now it is easier than ever to have your book published. It’s a boon for both published and non-published authors. But what about readers? How can they know that what they order is worth the money? The quick answer is: they don’t.

Using the Internet As A Tool To Publish And Profit From Your Book

There are quite a few ways that any author can go about profiting from their original short story or novel. E-books have made it much easier for virtually unknown authors to have their book published and marketed to a crowd that might actually be interested in purchasing and reading your book. Although the quality and content of your literature is still important, it has become much easier to have any informative book or compilation of articles easily published and distributed across the internet.

How to Publish a Paperback and E-Book Cheaply

There is now a relatively inexpensive way to publish your books as paperbacks and e-books. Paperbacks and e-books now complement each other. It has been suggested that even though the markets are different, you will still sell substantially more paperbacks if distributed properly. The CreateSpace production and distribution methods seem to me to be the way to go for so many reasons, not the least being that this method is a cost-effective world-wide means to sell your paperback and e-books. Paperback production is based on a system called ‘print on demand’. No more having to have a large number of paperbacks printed to save on individual book costs and then paying large amounts to self market your texts, or for even more outlay paying some professional marketing firm and then having to find a distributor, etc.

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