How to Build Your Kindle Publishing Business for 100% FREE

Business Strategy Plan for Indie Authors Publishers

Considerations in preparation for authoring and publishing your book or e/iBook. Why Writing / Before Publishing.

Premises & Property – Securing for Your Organisation/Group – Things To Consider – Introduction

Premises & Property – Securing for your Organisation/Group, Things To Consider – Introduction. An Organisation/Group reaches a phase in its life when it needs to consider premises according to its needs.

Global Market – Publishing Facts in India

Top 10 Publishing tips for your book in India – If you are a new writer and looking to gather information for publishing in India, here are the top ten facts and news that may help you define your way into publishing in India. India has more than 35 languages, but a majority of the population now speak English. In recent times, the number has been growing and is expected to grow as educated class of people is increasing and the importance of learning English (as it is recognized internationally) has been growing.

Encouragement for Writers When Agents or Editors Say No: Tips to Keep Going When You’re Rejected

Sometimes, writers are told no by agents and editors. Here’s encouragement to keep going.

Free and Low Cost Marketing Tools for Writers: Tips From a Writing Consultant, Editor and Writer

Part of writing success is marketing to gain more readers. There are a number of free and low cost marketing tools available for writers.

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