How and When To Use The KDP 5 Day Free Promotion | Free Self-Publishing Course | #18

Publishers For First – Time Novelists

Isn’t this the El Dorado for all first-time novelists – a sure-fire place to get your novel published? But hang on, what if the real answer to this question – in fact, the only ‘real’ answer to the dilemma – is NOT to go to one of the established names, but to look closer to home – YOUR home.

Tips For Getting The Best Book Publishing Services

Hiring the best publishing house is important, if you want your book to gain a loyal readership. Make sure you opt for a book publisher whose services are substantial.

Using Kindle Books To Increase Your Visibility

If you had to write down the top 3 most visited retail sites on the internet which ones would you think of? I am sure that one of those will be Amazon! Amazon is huge. Do you have a presence on there?

How To Start Writing Your First Book

Writing your first book can seem like a daunting task. How do you decide on the characters? What kind of plot will you develop throughout the book? How are you going to get published and build a readership? It makes perfect sense to ask those questions, but you don’t have to lose sleep over them.

Publishing Your Book In the New Publishing Industry

It’s no secret that the publishing industry is changing. Today, self-publishing has allowed authors to get their work in front of readers much more easily than they could in the past. Publishing your book in the new publishing industry is far different than it used to be. While that has caused some truly great works to come to light, it has also resulted in some very bad books being published. Whether you decide to try to traditionally publish or self-publish your book, you can always make sure you’re putting out quality work. Having your book professional proofread and edited is a must when considering self-publishing.

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