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What is a Self-Publisher and Why You Should Aim Higher

Why would any self-publisher go around saying he or she is a self-publisher unless there is no intention to ever do more than publish one book and disappear. (And there is nothing inherently wrong with that!)

How Can I Get My Book Published – Key Hints and Tips

After the writing there is the realty – how can I get my book published. Here’s a guide to what can work and what will blow your chances.

Four Ways For Authors to Publish Their Books

Authors considering publication need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the four ways to publish a book: traditional publishing, cooperative publishing, subsidized publishing, and self-publishing. This article presents each path to publication with specific recommendations.

Self Publishing Through Amazon – 3 Tips

Self publishing through Amazon has its rewards and perils for the author. This article reveals 3 tips for selling more books on Amazon faster.

Publishing a Novel – How to Get Your Book Into Print

Many people have hopes of publishing a novel and being a widely read and respected author. As the saying goes, everyone has a story in them.

Getting Your Book Published – Top Tips

Authors make a lot of money while gaining popularity, inspiring and influencing others, and more importantly, being able to do something they enjoy doing. It comes as no surprise, then, that many want to become published authors, too. If you’re one of them, here are some steps you can take to make your dream of getting your book published come true.

Realistic Author Expectations About Their Reading Audience

Too many authors think, “My book’s audience is everyone.” This fallacy only leads to disillusionment. With a little research and a professional attitude, authors can find their audience and get their book into their readers’ hands.

Books Publishers – How the Digital Era is Affecting Business?

More and more people are resorting to digital books rather than traditional ones. Does this mean that the so feared death-of-books-as-we-know-them has come along? What is the impact that electronically published books have on conventionally published books, and how is this new phenomenon affecting the book industry?

Cultural Decline and the Publishing Industry

Just how bad are things in our economy right now? We’ve all heard the horror stories about Random House restructuring. We’ve all heard that the once impervious publishing industry has taken a major hit due to the bleak economy and the recession. Recession. It’s a dirty 10 letter word that “describes the reduction of a country’s gross domestic product” (Wikipedia). And books, just another product put out by just another big business industry, have been slammed.

Hero Archetypes – Where Does Your Hero Fit?

Who doesn’t love a bad boy, or need a professor now and then. The swashbuckler or the warrior can defend my honor or take me on an adventure any day of the week. And after they have, and then have left for their next battle or adventure, the best friend can step in and offer support. Hero archetypes are everywhere.

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