Emma Sumner Interview: How To Write A Book At 8 Years Old That Sells 1,000’s Of Copies

Why Does Publishing a Book Take So Long?

Publishing is a long and confusing process, especially for a first-time author. This article lays out the typical steps all publishers take to turn manuscripts into books.

Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

Do you ever wonder where the saying came from? “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” I’m sure that in the book binding business they don’t say that.

Publishing Changing Even Faster Thanks to Apple iPad and Next Up, Google Editions

If you’re having trouble keeping up to date on the next biggest thing to revolutionize the publishing industry, you’re not alone. Apple’s iPad came out in the US just one month ago. How many units have they sold?

5 Ways Publishing Content Produces Residual Traffic

Publishing content online offers many benefits such as increasing your exposure and building credibility which is hard to do on the internet. Another highly useful benefit this online marketing strategy offers is a long lasting stream of traffic but only if your content is GOOD. Read more to see 5 examples of how using content for marketing purposes online can actually produce a residual stream of traffic for you.

Why Your Business Needs an Editor, Proofreader

The use of an Editor Proofreader is often overlooked by businesses to minimise costs. One simple spelling error or grammatical error can cost you customers. First impressions are so important and customers expect your written materials to be accurate and concise. Don’t take the risk!

Self-Publishing Becoming the New Standard

Several years ago, most people never dreamed of becoming published authors. The few who did had an uphill battle to climb. Traditional publishing has always been a difficult market to break into for several reasons.

Self-Publishing – The Wave of the Future

Self-publishing online is the wave of the future. It is already turning most of the heads in the publishing world and transforming the landscape of American Literature.

Self-Publishing – Should You Publish an Ebook?

The dream of becoming a published author is one many of us share. The easiest way to make that happen is to publish your own ebook, but is it worth it?

How to Print and Publish Your Own Comic Book

Easy to follow steps on how to get your work printed and published. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to publish your own comic book.

Serving Your Readers When Publishing Content

When publishing content online one of the main objectives is to increase your exposure and also build credibility. When using content in this way the opportunity should be taken to deliver more than just simply information to the reader. Read on to see how to turn ‘routine’ marketing information into great content by personalizing it with a helpful message for readers.

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