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Self Publishing 101- 7 Ways to Prepare Your Book For Successful Self Publishing

Have you joined the halls of self-starters finishing your book with speed and accuracy? If so, congratulations! Now is the time to prepare your book for successful self-publishing. The preparation step of the self-publishing process includes everything you need to do to your book manuscript before you deliver it to the book printer.

Writing and Self Publishing For Profit

Many authors will tell you that to write a book takes years and to get it published takes even longer. But with today’s technology it’s possible to write and self publish as many books as you want. You can even turn self publishing books into your own online home business, because you can write books and self publish them all from home without the need for large print runs – or any print runs at all.

Sit Down – Write – Publish All Your Books and Make Money

So you want to be an author. You want to write a book, or even better, write several books and make money from your writing – a lot of money so that you can work from home. Well thanks to the internet it’s now possible to set up your own writing and publishing business.

Virtual Publishing – The Arrival Of a Truly Free Press

The term “Paradigm Shift” was coined in the sixties by Thomas Kuhn. It is essentially a significant change in our fundamental view. As an example Kuhn sites the making of books. Gutenberg’s invention of movable type made books readily available, easier to handle and cheap enough for commoners to acquire directly. As more and more people learned to read, these new devices started an information revolution in the 1400s.

Tips On Being Published

Generally speaking, the probability of an unsolicited paper submitted to any publication being rejected is high. Prominent journals receive hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of papers requesting for publication each year. Below is a summary of details gathered from various documents and papers, which is highly beneficial in light of having your paper published.

Today, There Are No Meaningful Differences Between Conventional And Self-Publishing

“The Tom Sawyer Model” of business relations is gaining momentum in the book publishing industry. Once respectable publishers are insisting authors whitewash their fences and pay them for the privilege. Today, there really isn’t a “choice” that authors have, to use conventional publishers or to self-publish. TODAY, IT IS ALL SELF-PUBLISHING, says this top speaker, seminar producer, and best-selling author of 12 books and several audio and video training programs.

How a Book Writing Coach Helps You Publish Your Nonfiction Book

Congratulations! You have finished writing your nonfiction book. Now, it is time to have it published. Publishing makes your book “real.” Yet, this is the part of the process that so often derails even the most passionate and determined author. For a novice author, it may seem mysterious and confusing, but a book coach can help dispel the mystery by clarifying available publishing options. Here are five ways to publish.

Some Thoughts On How To Write A Novel, By A Recently Published Author

Writing a novel by taking a course is like learning to fly a plane by reading the instruction manual… it can’t be done. In the end you just have to take the plunge and jump in and start all by yourself.

Self-Publishing Is About More Than Art

Self-publishing is about more than how well you can write. It’s about how well you handle business. Even if you’re not naturally a business-minded person — many writers are not — you can still run an effective self-publishing business when you learn how to approach your writing career.

How To Know If Self-Publishing Is For You

Self-publishing is a practical way to share expertise and compelling stories, but it’s not for everyone. Take this short quiz to determine up front if self-publishing is something for you.

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