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The Tools for Publishing Your E-Books Online

This article will discuss the publishing tools that Amazon provides to e-book writers. The tools you will find here are offered and maintained by Amazon, which means you won’t experience any compatibility issues with your output and the Kindle platform.

The Essential Tools for Self-Publishing

There are numerous tools designed for Kindle e-book writers. Unfortunately, many of these tools are just a waste of time and money. In this article, you will find the most effective online publishing tools available to you.

Online Publishing Platforms – What You Need to Know

For many independent authors, online publishing platforms are a godsend. However, the landscape is constantly in flux and there are countless changes happening within it which might leave rookies confused. Now, despite all these changes, it still remains one of the best mediums for self-publishing just as long as authors keep themselves updated.

Online Publishing Platforms – Getting Started

Publishing your own book is easier and more affordable than ever. No longer do you have to try and sell your work to big publishing companies, a process that can sometimes lead to rejection. These days, the hardest decision really boils down to which online publishing platforms are the best when it comes to small writers. There’s quite a number to choose from and they often offer varying services, so picking the right one is key. Platforms such as Createspace, Xlibris, Lulu, and Kindle are just a few of what you’ll find online.

How to Choose the Right Online Publishing Platforms

Thinking about publishing online? Well, whether you’re planning on putting out a book or online magazine, the most important thing here, aside from your content, would be the publisher you decide to go with. There are plenty of options available online and not only do they vary in price, they can also vary when it comes to the services they are capable of providing. There are also different types of online publishing platforms available-so having a knowledge of what differentiates one from the other can help you choose the right one for your needs.

The Marketing Techniques for Online Self-Publishers

You are a self-publisher, so you should know how to promote your books. This task is easy for people who have a background in marketing and/or sales. But if you lack experience and/or knowledge in marketing-related stuff, you might have problems with this aspect of self-publishing. In this article, you’ll know how to market the books you published through Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Online Publishing Through Amazon – The Things You Need to Know

Amazon is one of the biggest names when it comes to online publishing. The company offers tools and platforms that you can use in selling your books straight to your readers. If you want to become one of Amazon’s self-publishers, consider the following:

DON’T Do These 6 Things When Marketing Your Books

Marketing your book effectively gives you the best chance of moving many copies whether your main goal is profit, exposure or otherwise. With that in mind, here are some of the things you should never do when you’re marketing your books if you want each release to be a success.

How To Publish an eBook on Amazon – Easy or Not?

Most people often wonder about how to publish an eBook on Amazon, is it easy or is it hard? That is the question. The answer is both, it can be as easy as falling off of a log (without the pain involved) or it can be as hard as you choose to make it. In this article, I am going to outline the easy method and outline the steps that you need to take to get almost any book published within a few days. What I need you to do, is to follow the steps below and just get it done!

3 Excuses Keeping You From Publishing Your Kindle Book

Sure, you need a plan that maps out the entire writing, publishing, and marketing process. But a plan is just a bunch of lines and text if you don’t act on it. Why are so many people (myself from 2 years ago included) sitting on their behind, talking a good game about writing a book yet still not getting it done?

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