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How to Get Your Book Published on Your Terms?

Give your manuscript the publishing solutions it needs. Get in touch with best self-publishing houses that can offer efficient and economical publication services.

Elements of Self Publishing: Preparing Your Manuscript

Your book is written; what comes next? Here we’ll guide you through what is still needed before your book can come out on the shelf.

Why Self-Publishing Authors Need a Manuscript Critique

How do self-publishing writers know if their book is worth the telling? A professional manuscript critique can provide valuable and incisive feedback on the quality of the writing.

The Ten-Part Journey to a Completed Novel – Part Ten

The writing and editing is finished, and the never-ending marketing phase has begun. It’s time to critically assess the final copy editing and formatting issues associated with publication. Enjoy Part Ten of the unfolding drama of what one writer discovered along the way while writing book three in a series of novels.

The Ten-Part Journey to a Completed Novel – Part Eight of Ten

Beginning to write a novel armed with nothing more than an idea and a blank page can be a daunting prospect. Some writers choose to arm themselves not only with a good idea, but with an outline as well. This particular author chucked the outline about 14 chapters into the writing to set the characters free. Now that the writing and editing are finished, it’s time to launch into the publishing and marketing phase that makes up about three-fourths of the effort involved in writing a novel. Enjoy Part Eight of the unfolding drama of what one writer discovered along the way while writing book three in a series of novels.

Book Distribution and Promotion: Why Not Every Author Agrees That Promotion Does the Trick

Book distribution and book promotion are often confused as the same thing. Although both are part of a book’s publishing journey, each serve as two different stops in the publishing adventure. In this article, let us further explore the roles distribution and promotion play and why they are like two entirely different peas in the same pod called publishing.

We All Have A Book In Us

We all have a book in us, it just takes time management and discipline to get it all down. If we think of the modern day best-sellers that write and publish one book every year we know that it comes from planning. Often these best-selling books are finally seen on the shelves because of a finely tuned management system that made it happen.

Things I Learned Publishing a Second Anthology

A few things I learned publishing a second anthology of other writers short fiction. It was a little more targeted than the “everything” I learned doing the first book.

How Much Does It Cost to Publish an E-Book?

It costs nothing to self-publish an ebook. It costs from $50 to $150 to hire someone to publish for it for you. Whereas it could cost you a lifetime of regret to publish with New York. However, these facts mask the true cost of producing a book which is in the preparation, editing, book cover, and marketing.

Self-Publishing Business 101: The Art and Science of Book Promotion – Capitalization

Book promotion operates like a small business does and, therefore, can be managed as such. In this series of articles, I will help you get started on the right foot in promoting your titles by applying the tried, tested, and proven effective ideas of small business start-up process.

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