Best Email Marketing Software for Self-Publishing – Aweber vs MailerLite : Which Is Better?

Bypass the Publisher’s Rejection Letters While Creating a Quality Book

Self-publishing does have a stigma attached to it. Too many authors have self-published their books without thinking about their buyers and their buyers’ needs. As a result, there’s a well-deserved belief that self-published books do not have the same level of quality as a traditionally published book. So what can you do to avoid this stigma getting attached to your work? Here are three things to think about to make your book rise above the pack

Self Publishing – Quantity or Quality?

Are you producing a ton of books each month and self publishing without checking the quality of the book? Are you investing your time and passion toward crafting the book or simply having ghostwriters do it for you? And you are publishing it without proofreading?

Top Two Pitfalls That Keep You From Publishing Your Book

Writing a book is a challenge, but so is self-publishing a book. Learn two of the most common pitfalls authors face when publishing their work and how to avoid them.

Printing Should Be Integral Aspect of Any “Order Fulfillment” Bureau

Crowdfunder or marketing departments are looking for a fulfillment partner who can understand their marketing needs, help keep their brand, bring creative reward items and most importantly have the experience. Many fulfillment companies are equipped to handle transaction mailing but do not have the print marketing expertise. On the other hand, companies expert in printing t-shirts or giveaways lack a complete fulfillment solution.

Should You Self-Publish or Commercially Publish Your First Book?

Have you written a book, but are unsure if you should publish through a traditional press or self-publish? I go over the pros and cons of both self and traditional publishing.

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