Are self published books copyrighted?

Indie Author’s World of 3’s

Are you thinking of becoming a self-published indie author? There are three rules you need to follow as an indie author and three deadly sins to avoid. Good luck in publishing a book you can be proud of.

What to Do When Your Book Is Rejected

Before Kathryn Stockett’s novel, The Help, became a national bestseller and the basis of an award-winning movie, the author received nearly sixty rejections. John Grisham’s first novel, A Time to Kill, was rejected by at least thirty houses before it was published. Name any favorite author – JK Rowling, Stephen King, and even Beatrix Potter – and you will discover that each has received his share of wallpaper…and not necessarily dollar bills. Rejection is as much a part of the publishing process as is the acceptance, and a writer looking for a publisher you should know what to do when you receive that “thanks but no thanks” letter.

How to Write a Book and Get It Published

There are many ways of writing your book but there are couple of important things that you need to know before putting pen to paper. Whether you are a fiction or nonfiction writer, whether you are writing a book for personal use for friends and family or a book for sale I’m going to help you get started today.

To the Rescue: Publisher of the Year

Traditional goodwill is faint amid public protest in every continent. Yet the Bookworld has good times ahead, thanks to its publishing hero.

Children’s Book Publishing – You Can Do It

Why are children’s books among the top selling books in the publishing industry? What child doesn’t love to hear stories and have them read to them? You’ve probably made up tales to tell your own children knowing you’d delight them.

A Brief Summary of Magazine Printing and Publishing

If you are thinking of publishing, or changing publishers for your own magazine read this handy guide to how magazine printing got started. Read on for an interesting account of magazine printing past, present and future.

How to Find an Endless Supply of Best-Selling Ideas for Your Nonfiction Book Title

Follow the method in this article to analyze best-selling book titles and create your own quite different version of them. When you’ve done it right, you’ll have a resonance of success that people feel without knowing why that makes them want to explore your book and buy it.

Prepare for Publishing Success: Eight Criteria to Consider When Working on Your Book Title

It’s a huge and common mistake to fiddle around with possible book titles and expect a bolt of lightning to hit when you finally spot “the one.” Learn a much better way to lay the groundwork for brainstorming a million-dollar book title.

Lessons From Napoleon Hill for a Million-Dollar Book Title

Have you ever heard the story of how Napoleon Hill arrived at the title of his most famous book? It contains four important lessons for any author trying to think up a million-dollar book title.

How to Publish in EBook or Paperback Formats

If you feel what you have written is interesting enough to be published, you will probably need to have it professionally edited unless you are very good at self-editing or have a friend who is capable of doing so and can be trusted to be objective and brutally honest. To proofread thoroughly what you have written on the computer, you should print the document. The printed document reveals flaws that you missed on the computer monitor. This is a well-proven fact. After reading the manuscript many times during the writing and editing, you will become so familiar with the contents that you will read what should be there rather than what is actually there. Having one or more other persons dedicated to the task is a better option. Again, if you wish to pass up the need for a professional editor, you must be a writer capable of good syntax as well as one who avoids punctuation and other grammatical errors. This skill may come over time by reading good books and employing plenty of practice in the art of good writing.

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