An educational enterprise established by Ruth Colby, founder of Sapient Publishers, we believe in the power of books to serve society and influence lives.


The solutions that we deliver to independent authors are developed around these primary approaches: cover design, illustration, editing, and book formatting, providing promotion and marketing advice, and audiobook production solutions. We have acquired proficiency in the dependable creation methods that make it achievable to maintain our rates as low as feasibly possible, while continuing to preserve a standard of premium quality that genuinely stands apart from the masses.

With our proficiency in making inroads in the challenging and competitive niche of independent publishing, we have no doubt that self-publishing can provide a cost-effective path to market for independent authors. That conviction, blended with our enthusiasm for education and knowledge sharing, embodies our vision to help more people impart their experience and insights to the world.

Our crew of authors, entrepreneurs, and publishing specialists create informative content, research, and sector news to inform authors of all genres how to efficiently circumvent the traditional publishing doorkeepers and publish books they’re proud of – without marring quality, creative freedoms, or royalties.