7 Kindle Keywords: Use all 50 Characters or Not?

Hiring a Publishing Company

Writing books is not everybody’s cup of tea. So is publishing it and making sure it reaches a wider audience. It is not good enough that you spend years working at your book and have to have it lie in your computer.

What to Do With Rejected Articles for Freelance Writers

As freelance writers, how a rejection is handled is the deciding factor between success and failure. Many writers, both online and in print, give up after the first rejection and never push through to see what kind of career they could have with perseverance.

How Much Might It Cost Me to Self-Publish My Book and How Long Will It Take?

People often wonder about the cost and time line of self-publishing a book. There are many ways to estimate the cost, and often those costs are inflated. Experience has shown me that you can keep expenses down and complete your book in under one year. This article provides a rough estimate of cost of self-publishing as a basic guideline.

Self Publishing – The Up And Down Sides

Self-publishing is a growing trend among writers. With avenues into the various traditional publishing houses becoming narrower and narrower, often times, doing it yourself and going it alone are the only ways you’ll ever see your work in something resembling print.

Authors – How to Find an Agent For Your Books

Having an agent can make it easier to sell your manuscript to a major publisher and, in some cases, is an absolute necessity. But how can you find an agent for your books? More importantly, how can you find the right agent?

Get Published! 4 Goals of a Great Hook

Don’t waste your time writing a self-help book that won’t sell. You need to create a dynamic hook! This article will give you 4 tips to create a bestselling hook. You want your readers exclaim “Wow! That’s exactly my problem! This is totally new and exciting! Oh, my! I need to buy this book now!”

Publish Your Book Free – Valuable Lesson About Why Authors May Not Need Publishers Anymore

If you would like to know how you can self publish your own book then, you have came to the right place. In this article you will find out why authors don’t really need publishers. In terms of publishing you will discover that this article provides resources that every serious author should know.

How Writing Can Elevate and Accelerate Your Business

Writing whether it be for blogs, articles, eBooks or paperback books can tremendously boost your exposure, credibility and expert status. Even writing comments in social media platforms and niche groups can rapidly move your business forward.

Freelance Copywriters – The Right Resource for Your Project

Anytime you work with a resource on a project, you want to get the best deal possible for the money you spend. If you want to work with a copywriter, using a freelance copywriter can be a great way to get your money’s worth – and then some. Freelance copywriters usually have all the skills, or even more, than copywriters who are on the payroll for an advertising agency.

The Best Way To Work With Freelance Copywriters

If you have an important project coming up that requires the services of a professional writer, you might decide to hire a freelance copywriter. This can be a very smart decision on your part. Professional freelance copywriters have the skills needed to make your content writing project a success.

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