5 Reasons You’re Not Selling More Books

How to Self-Publish to the Amazon Kindle Store – Kindle Direct Publishing

The advent of self-publishing direct onto the Kindle store, with the aid of the Amazon Kindle Publishing Platform, has leveled the playing field between self-publishers and the once powerful publishing houses. Now, independent authors are able to write what they want to and then publish it for their fans without having to submit to edits, rewrites, or lengthy contractual obligations. Because of this, there is no better time than right now to write and self-publish your own kindle eBook for profit.

On The Horns Of A Literary Dilemma

About three months ago I finished writing my first manuscript. The next step was to have it proofread and copy edited which took a further three weeks and left me balanced precariously upon the Horns of a dilemma.

Why Your Novel Needs a Manuscript Critique Before You Send It Out

Whether you think your novel is perfect and publishable or imperfect but captivating, you need a critique before you send it off. If you don’t get a serious read and solid feedback in order to revise (again!), your novel will not stand a chance.

Never Give Up on Your Dream to Become Published

Pursuing your dream of becoming a published author can be a frustrating endeavor but never give up. Stephen King’s first novel, Carrie, was rejected dozens of times before it finally found a home. One publisher wrote, “We are not interested in science fiction which deals with negative utopias. They do not sell.” Just when you feel like you can’t stand the rejection anymore, try one of the following to recharge the dream chaser inside of you.

How To Publish a Book On Kindle

How to publish a book on Kindle will help put you in front of millions of people are hungry for knowledge. And every day they buy books to find out all sorts of stuff, from how to solve a problem to how to achieve a dream.

How to Publish an eBook

Learning how to publish an eBook can be very satisfying depending on the route you choose. eBooks are a great venue for publishing your book. Sometimes the story you have does not fit the cookie cutter of publishing houses or that the publishing houses are not particularly interested in your manuscript, so you decide to go ahead and do it yourself.

Why Does Self-Publishing Matter?

Not so long ago, many people looked down on self-publishing as something that authors did when there books were not very good. These days, self-publishing has become a mainstream alternative to searching for a literary agent or publisher. In fact, self-publishing has become very important!

How to Self Publish With Book Publishers

So you’ve written your very first book and you want to make it available to a wide audience; did you know it’s simple to find book publishers in the UK? Today there are many ways in which budding authors can get noticed and become published and thanks to the developments in technology and the internet, the industry is growing faster than ever.

Self Publishing A Book With Ease

Since primarily all of our everyday happenings are based on the internet, it’s no surprise to learn that the internet has made self publishing a book not only a breeze but also very cost effective. Before the internet came about, if someone wanted to publish a book they had one of two options.

You Can Publish Your Own Book

Once available only to the elite, rich and connected, book publishing is now accessible to almost anybody with the creativity to write a book and determination to see it through to publication. One has only to take a trip the local bookstore to realize how many new authors are being published every day. While a few big names stay in the spotlight, countless authors who took steps to publish their own book can also be found. Many have had their print showcased, received rave reviews and writers awards. My observation is that this trend is increasing commonplace with the availability of the internet.

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