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How Do I Know What Fiction Contests Are Out There That I Can Select From?

Several different sources provide listings of fiction contests. The Novel and Short Story Writer’s Guide can be a resource and many writers have a copy. You could Google fiction contests and similar keyword clusters and bookmark like a loon, but that would be a tedious amount of effort. However you obtain your list of contests, you will need to narrow down the choices.

How to Get Published on the Internet

The days of being dependent on regular Publishers are fading fast. The internet – or worldwide web – has made it possible to get your book published immediately and bring it instantly to the attention of readers.

Keeping to Deadlines – How is it Done?

How do editors keep their publication on schedule? There is a special skill in making sure that you are not delayed which may provide lessons for anyone in a time-critical business.

Design For Reading

Whether you are producing a newsletter, flyer or an advertisement, you want to make sure that it is read. One way of achieving that is to follow the basic rules which have applied to newspapers for decades.

Your Body Font Does Matter

Let’s face it, we depend on the type we use in our publications, and many spend a great deal of time deciding on heading faces and styles. Too few give the same consideration to the body fonts.

Save and Sale – That’s All About Making Money in Book Publishing Business

Reduce large portions of production costs on book printing without compromising the quality. The amount saved can be utilized to enhance promotion and marketing to boost up sales result. Save and Sale, an important role to stay profiting in the book publishing business.

Self-publishing, Are You Shooting Yourself in the Foot?

Have you watched reality TV shows, if you have, you have seen people acting on those shows. Do we give them credibility as actors? A self-published author is regarded by many much the same as the reality TV star… not a credible author.

How to Find a Literary Agent – Literary Agent Directories

Finding a reputable literary agent is an important step in getting your work published. Here are some directories that make it easier to find a well-respected agent who represents your genre.

Three Very Important Points to Remember to Get Your First Book Published

There are three key points you need to remember when finding a publisher for your first book. It maybe a hard job and as stressful as writing the book itself. It may take some perseverance but keep on keeping on. The problem is how do you reach a wider audience and get that book published?

Write, Publish and Market Your Book With No Out of Pocket Expense

Imagine how your life would change if you knew you would make money on virtually any book you take to market AND you could do so with no out of pocket expense. I can tell you from my firsthand experience, your life will never be the same.

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